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 COD world at war [hints and tricks] [PC]

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PostSubject: COD world at war [hints and tricks] [PC]   Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:13 pm

Call Of Duty - World At War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press ~ to display the console window. Type "devmap [map name]" to enable
cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window.

Code Result
god - God Mode.
give all - All weapons, full ammo, health and armor.
noclip - Walk through solid objects.
notarget - Invisibility to most enemies.
kill - suicide.
jumptonode - Teleport to a node.
ufo - Flight mode.
mapname - List maps.
devmap [map name] - Change maps with cheat mode enabled.
map [map name] - Change maps.
demigod - Double health and can survive one grenade explosion.
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 - Unlimited amunition.
sf_use_bw 1 - Black and white movie mode.
sf_use_invert 1 - Photo negative mode.
sf_use_chaplin 1 - Silent movie mode.

Veteran mode:
Reach Level 32 to unlock Veteran mode, which is a Co-op mode with much
tougher enemies.

Zombie mode:
Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock Zombie mode, which is a four-player
Co-op mode against endless waves of Nazi zombies.

Bonus weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the weapon or weapon attachment:

Bolt Action Rifles:
Springfield : Reach Level 4.
Bayonet : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(increases melee attack range).
Rifle Grenade : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2
(grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
Arisaka : Reach Level 4.
Sniper Scope : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(increases accuracy and range).
Bayonet : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2
(increases melee attack range).
Rifle Grenade : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3
(grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
Mosin-Nagant : Reach Level 21.
Kar98k : Reach Level 41.
PTRS-41 : Reach Level 57.

SVT-40 : Reach Level 4.
Flash Hider : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash).
Aperture Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2
(precision sight).
Telescopic Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3
(enhanced telescopic sight).
Gewehr 43 : Reach Level 7.
Suppressor : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash).
Aperture Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Telescopic Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (enhanced telescopic sight).
Rifle Grenade : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 4
(grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
M1 Garand : Reach Level 17.
STG-44 : Reach Level 37.
M1A1 Carbine : Reach Level 65.

Sub Machine Guns:
Thompson : Reach Level 4.
Suppressor : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2
(precision sight).
Round Drum : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3
(increased ammunition capacity).
MP40 : Reach Level 10
Suppressor : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Dual Magazine : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (increased ammunition capacity).
Type 100 : Reach Level 25.
Ppsh : Reach Level 41.

M1897 Trench Gun : Reach Level 4.
Grip : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1
(vertical foregrip to reduce recoil, replaces Perk slot 1).
Bayonet : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2
(increases melee attack range).
Double Barreled Shotgun : Reach Level 29.

Machine Guns:
Type 99 : Reach Level 4.
Bipod : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (reduces motion for more accuracy).
Bayonet : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (increases melee attack range).
BAR : Reach Level 4.
Bipod : Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (reduces motion for more accuracy).
DP-28 : Reach Level 13.
MG 42 : Reach Level 33.
FG 42 : Reach Level 45.
Browning M1919 : Reach Level 61.

Colt M1911 : Reach Level 4.
Nambu : Reach Level 4.
Walther P38 : Reach Level 4.
Tokrev TT-33 : Reach Level 21.
.357 Magnum : Reach Level 49.

Primary Grenades:
Frag : Reach Level 4.
N 74 ST : Reach Level 4.
Molotov Cocktail : Reach Level 10.

Special Grenades:
Smoke : Reach Level 4.
Tabun Gas : Reach Level 4.
Signal Flare : Reach Level 4.

Extra custom weapon slots:
Reach the indicated Prestige rank to unlock the extra custom weapon slot:

6: First Prestige
7: Second Prestige
8: Fourth Prestige
9: Seventh Prestige
10: Tenth Prestige

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the perk:

Perk Slot 1:
Special Grenade x3 : Reach Level 4 (three special grenades, no smoke).
Satchel Charge x2 : Reach Level 4 (two remote detonation explosives).
M9A1 Bazooka x2 : Reach Level 4 (bazooka with two rockets).
Bomb Squad : Reach Level 16.
Bouncing Betty x2 : Reach Level 24.
Bandolier : Reach Level 40.
Primary Grenade x2 : Reach Level 44.
M2 Flamethrower : Reach Level 65.

Perk Slot 2:
Stopping Power : Reach Level 4 (increased bullet damage).
Fireworks : Reach Level 4 (higher explosive weapon damage).
Flak Jacket : Reach Level 4 (reduce explosive damage).
Gas Mask : Reach Level 4 (protect against Tabun Gas).
Juggernaut : Reach Level 4 (increased health).
Camouflage : Reach Level 12.
Sleight Of Hand : Reach Level 28.
Shades : Reach Level 32.
Double Tap : Reach Level 36.
Overkill : Reach Level 56.

Perk Slot 3:
Deep Impact : Reach Level 4 (deeper bullet penetration).
Extreme Conditioning : Reach Level 4 (sprint for longer distances).
Steady Aim : Reach Level 4 (increased hip fire accuracy).
Toss back : Reach Level 6 (reset fuse of picked up grenades).
Second Chance : Reach Level 9 (revive downed allies).
Martyrdom : Reach Level 20.
Fireproof : Reach Level 48.
Dead Silence : Reach Level 52.
Iron Lungs : Reach Level 60.
Reconnaissance : Reach Level 64.

Vehicle Perks:
Water Cooler : Reach Level 4 (decreased turret overheat).
Greased Bearings : Reach Level 4 (increased turret rotation speed).
Ordnance Training : Reach Level 12.
Lead Foot : Reach Level 28.
Coaxial Machine Gun : Reach Level 40.

Map names:
Use one of the following entries with the devmap or map codes.

Mission Code
Semper Fi - mak
Little Resistance - pel1
Hard Landing - pel2
Vendetta - sniper
Their Land, Their Blood - see1
Burn 'Em Out - pel1a
Relentless - pel1b
Blood & Iron - see2
Ring Of Steel - ber1
Eviction - ber2
Black Cats - pby_fly
Blowtorch And Corkscrew - oki2
Breaking Point - oki3
Heart of the Reich - ber3
Downfall - ber3b
Nacht der Untoten - nazi_zombie_prototype

Little Resistance: Ray gun:
After the boat crashes, call in an air strike on the specified location. Run up to
the beach and move to the right. You will find a small puddle at the right side of
the beach. Stand in it briefly, then move towards the middle of the beach to find
a smaller puddle. Stand in that puddle briefly. Move towards the far left side of
the beach. Stand briefly in the puddle in the barb wire. After several seconds the
screen will shake and you will hear strange voices. Four lion statues will rise out
of the ground with alien ray guns in their mouths.

Airfield: Nazi zombie building:
Go to the multiplayer map "Airfield". Go to the first side, which is the one where
you spawn behind the big building then go out to the field. Instead, go inside the
building and examine it. Look around at the pillars and windows, then go upstairs
to the left. Look around some more and on the balcony. Notice it is the same building
in the Nacht Der Untoten (zombie) mission, except all the entrances are walled up or
blocked by an invisible wall.

Getting more ammunition:
Use the following trick if run out or are running low on ammunition on any mission
in Solo mode. Find a non-essential teammate (someone not involved in the story line).
Walk up to him and aim the reticule next to his head or torso. Knife the air, and as
you do so move slightly towards them so that the reticule is over them. If done
correctly, your teammate should die and should drop his weapon. The difficulty setting
will not matter. Non-essential teammates will get replaced when you walk into a battle.
If the teammate does not die but keeps getting back up, they are essential to the story
(for example, Sgt Roebuck and Sgt Rezenov).

Level select codes:
First unlock the game's console by going to Game Options and select "Yes" for the Game
Console. Next open it up with the ~ key. Then, type in these codes to go to the level.

Password Effect
Devmap see2 - Play the mission Blood and Iron.
Devmap pel1a - Play the mission Burn 'Em Out.
Devmap ber2 - Play the mission Eviction.
Devmap pel2 - Play the mission Hard Landing.
Devmap pel1 - Play the mission Little Resistance.
Devmap pel1b - Play the mission Relentless.
Devmap ber1 - Play the mission Ring Of Steel.
Devmap mak - Play the mission Semper Fi.
Devmap see1 - Play the mission Their Land, Their Blood.
Devmap sniper - Play the mission Vendetta.

Play zombie level without finishing the game!:
I found this messing around with the devmap command in the console. All you need to
do is, from the Single player- Co-op screen go to options and then game options,
then enable console (~) if you haven't already. Next go back to the menu screen and
push (~) and type devmap nazi_zombie_prototype Press enter. You can play it without
even touching single player mode!! While playing you can also use the normal game
cheats such as God, Give all and ufo. If you use the ufo code, you can venture
outside of the house, the roof and locked rooms.

Multiplayer Sniper Spots:
Here are the good spots to control in each online map (remember to protect yourself
with bouncing bettys/satchel charges!)

-Once inside the church tower, look through the circular window. There is a white
building with a small balcony in the distance.

-In the middle of the map, there is a 2-story concrete building. Make sure to place
satchels or bouncing bettys. There is also a large white estate with a ladder and
staircase in front of it...

-Towards the top of the map, there is building with two windows that overlook the
whole area. Warning: people will try to get you...

-Go to the circular building and look through the stair entrance. There should be a
hut with two rectangular windows overlooking the sandy area. Also, there is a tall
building on the water with windows overlooking the whole map.

-On the second floor of the hangar, there is a small room. From the outside, you get
to it by climbing up the rubble pile on the side of the building.

-There is a platform with a ladder on the side of the building. To get to this
platform, you can either climb the ladder or go up the stairs inside. This spot
connects to a ledge inside the building.

-There are many good spots on this map. The first is a small room overlooking the
garden and the front staircase. To get to this room, either climb the ladder or go
up the stairs. The second spot is a small room that has a clear sight into the room
mentioned above. To get to this room, go to the bottom of the map and climb up the
staircase. You should be on a wooden porch that connects to the gardens. Just turn
left and you will be in the room.

-There are two concrete bunkers in this map...go to the one on the edge of the cliff.
From this room, you can snipe people as they run by and shoot people trying the get
in from behind.

-This map is probably the worst game map. There is a platform/hallway that goes over
the middle of the map. To get to it, go behind the trashed locomotives. Climb up the
staircase and turn left at the round platform. You should have a good view of the
whole roundhouse in the middle of the map.

-There is a bunker/cave in the upper left corner of the map (second row of buildings).
This bunker has a clear shot of enemy respawn points and good protection from tanks.
Make sure to use bouncing bettys.

Get The Professional Achievement:
This is done on the level "Vendetta" when you are Dimitri Petrenko, the Russian.
Remember to get this achievement DO NOT RELOAD. Shoot the two on the stairs when their
heads line up, then shoot the ones next to the tank by headshotting the one crouching.
Now the tricky bit, you should have 3 bullets left. To shoot the two by the car: Move
so you are behind Sgt. Reznov, move about one meter back, wait until the one standing
lines his hip up with the one crouching, as soon as this happens SHOOT. Then look near
the tank there should be a guard and a dog, shoot the guard when he is still, then
shoot the dog as soon as you get a clear shot, if you can't wait until it is attacking
you then shoot it. You should then have the achievement.

4 Ray Gun's on Little Resistance Easter Egg:
After crashing on the beach, radio in a rocket strike on the Japanese defenses. Once
the beach is clear run to the right side of the beach. You will notice a few craters,
there are the triggers for the Easter Egg. To unlock it you will have to walk through
4 craters. First walk through the large crater that is full of water, then turn left
and walk through the small crater that is full of water, turn left again and walk
through the small dry crater, then finally turn left and walk into and stand in the
huge crater full of water. Wait about 10 seconds and a weird voice will start talking,
and your screen will start shaking. Then 4 statues will come up through the ground.
Each statue will be holding a ray gun.

Online Castle Glitch:
Go straight to the wall by Target A (search and destroy mode) then find the blood
stain, sprint into and out of that corner repeatedly until you fall through then duck
down crawl through the gap and your under the level from here you can kill people but
they cant get you - be warned you cant throw grenades through to the level. Also from
there if you want to get out of the whole level instead of under it just walk backwards
towards the wall on your right you will pass through but don't go too far or you die,
from here you can see through nearly all walls and kill people without being spotted.

Hidden radio music:
Start any sort of Nazi Zombie game and unlock the door to the Mystery Box room. Go
to the Mystery Box. Go over to the right and look at a table to find a radio. Shoot
a bullet at the radio then wait a few seconds. You will hear random sorts of music
such as rock, disco, opera, and some in game music such as the Russian victory song,
the last level music, or the Japanese combat music. The music will stop in between
rounds but will then start again. Every player in game can even hear it.

Multiplayer Unlockables:
.357 Magnum - Reach level 49.
Arisaka - Reach level 4.
BAR - Reach level 4.
Browning M1919 - Reach level 61.
Clan Tag - Reach level 11.
Colt M1911 - Reach level 3.
Custom Class Slot 10 - Reach Prestige Level 10.
Custom Class Slot 6 - Reach Prestige Level 1.
Custom Class Slot 7 - Reach Prestige Level 2.
Custom Class Slot 8 - Reach Prestige Level 4.
Custom Class Slot 9 - Reach Prestige Level 7.
Double-Barreled Shotgun - Reach level 29.

Saving Private Ryan reference:
There will be a section where you will be asked to "Save Private Ryan". This is a
reference to the critically acclaimed film Saving Private Ryan.

Nazi Zombies strategies:
In the side-game, "Nazi Zombies!" on the map Nacht der Untoten, open the Help room (the
one that says "Help" on it) during the 3rd or 4th round. It will supply weapons that
will give you the upper hand in a crucial battle. But beware: there are 4 openings that
the zombies will try to break through. Also, NEVER open up the stairs; it just means
more zombies.

Asylum: Strange sounds:
*You can also hear a disembodied voice near the bathroom. It comes from just outside of
the bathroom, and is best heard in Spectator mode.

*Just outside of the bathroom on Asylum, exactly where the disembodied voice is heard,
you can also hear a crying girl. She will switch back and forth from crying to laughing,
and just like the voice, is quite disturbing.

*All around the stairs that are a bit away from where the piano can be heard, you can here
knocking on the wood that is covering up all the windows. If you fly around constantly as
a spectator, you will hear this wooden knocking sound everywhere. It distinctly sounds
like someone deliberately knocking on wood. It can also be heard on the boarded up windows
on the other side of the map.

Asylum: Ghostly piano record:
Above the bathroom in an invisible room, a piano can clearly be heard being played on a
record player. The piano can only be heard if you music setting in the options menu is on.

Cliffside: Strange voice:
On the Japanese spawn side of the map are two concrete bunkers. Go into the one at the top
of the hill (with Japanese Flags on it) in Spectator mode. Go through one of the little
windows into the back area of the bunker. Turn around and turn up the volume. You should
hear a strange garbled and quite disturbing voice coming from the wall.
It is a disembodied voice.

Cliffside: Mysterious shrub:
Go into Spectator mode on Cliffside and look down the cliff at the beach. To the left, you
should see a small crater on the beach where a mortar shell has hit. Fly down through the
crater and keep going down. Eventually, you will go into some invisible water. Come up out
of the water a bit and look around. You should see a large bush nearby in the mist. It is
just floating there very far under the map.

Dome: Big crowd:
Go into the large pit as a spectator, and you will hear the Red Army shouting their
battlecry of "URA! URA! URA!". Oddly enough, you cannot hear them at all from within the
actual map boundaries (unless you are unfortunate enough to fall in).

Hangar: Torture chamber:
In the bottom of the two story tin building on the Marine's spawn side is a jail cell with
a dead tortured Russian soldier in it. Coming from the door in the cell, you can periodically
hear a Japanese person torturing another soldier.

ENJOY lol!
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COD world at war [hints and tricks] [PC]
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